• About Strength Refinery

  • About Strength Refinery

  • About Strength Refinery


This is The Strength Refinery

As members of the StrongFirst organization, a world wide brother & sisterhood of strength, we believe that strength is the foundation that supports other physical qualities.

To improve power, endurance, sport skill, or even fat loss, you need to be strong. That’s why we chose to use the word “strength” in our name. We also believe that strength is a natural resource that each of us carries inside. Sometimes you’d never guess it was there, but IT IS.

That is where the word “refinery” comes in. We help you find your strength. To mine it. Then we’ll use several different tools with one set of universal principals to teach you how to make the most of it. To REFINE it.

We are located on Route 108 in Rochester, NH 03867. Contact us to set up a consult and get yourself on the journey to refining and improving the new you!

Our Coaches

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