Robert Gagnon

Move Well, Move Often, Move STRONG!

These are Rob Gagnon’s beliefs when it comes to fitness and being healthy. Therefore he believes that building strength is an incredibly important aspect to living a healthy life. Everything is easier when you are strong! However, building strength on top of dysfunction isn’t to your advantage. Rob specializes in properly assessing you in order to establish a proper place from which to start your program in order to get to your ultimate goals, whatever they may be!

Once your movement has been assessed, Rob believes all proper movement and strength starts from the innermost portion of your core and consequently moves outward from there. The strongest buildings are built on the strongest foundations!

Rob has traveled the country learning various methods of training people using synergistic principles from Strong First and FMS. He loves sharing his passion for teaching these methods and empowering his clients to be the very best they can be.

Some of Robs favorite training modalities consist of: Kettlebells, Barbells, Mace/Gada, Indian Clubs and Bulgarian Bags.


  • NASM CPT Certified Personal Trainer
  • Strong First SFG I
  • Functional Movement Systems Lvl 1 FMS
  • Strong First SFG II
  • Smart Group Training Certified
  • Strong First SFL (Barbell Lifter)
  • IKFF International Kettlebell Fitness Federation CKT Lvl 1
  • Risto Sports Russian System Olympic Lifting Level 1
  • Spartan SGX Level 1

Services Offered

  • 1:1 Personal Training
  • Small Group Training (2-4 people)
  • Large Group Training (up to 20 people)

* Contact me to discuss pricing options

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Spartan Race Death March
Rob Gagnon At Spartan Race Vermont Beast
Rob Gagnon Skydiving
Starting Line At Super Hero Scramble
Super Hero Scramble
Rob Gagnon At SFL
Rob Gagnon At SFG II
Rob Gagnon And SFG II Instructors
Rob Gagnon And Master Jon Engum
Gagnon And Iron Tamer Dave Whitley
IKFF Level 1
Rob Gagnon KB Beach

We help our clients move
better, faster and stronger!

Our training methods have consistently helped people improve their awareness and ability relating to movement quality as well as become stronger than they ever have resulting in improved everyday life and athletic performance!

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