Huge, like a horse’s dick, the guy’s courageous and furiously cancer girlfriend’s pussy

A guy with a very huge member who is somewhat more like a horse than an ordinary human decided to conduct a small experiment with a new girl, a blonde and surprise her. See her reaction, whether she will run away from him and in general. Of course, the agile girl didn’t even think of running away, on the contrary, she became interested in testing such a tool in her pussy and getting a lot of incredible sensations and a lot of sperm in her pussy.
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Strawberry Marinka
Strawberry Marinka
Wow, a black man dick))) I probably would not have dared to give this, would have torn everything to pieces. Perhaps the girl likes such bumps, I would not dare to give 100% to the vagina, I would give a blowjob, even masturbate, and then no, I'm afraid of such hoses.