Young brunette tried to make amends to a guy for treason

A young man who has been dating a young brunette for a long time has become aware of the details of her life, which she leads when the young guy is away. And there is nowhere to go, because the guy justified everything, video, photos, all the evidence he showed his girlfriend. Of course, she pleaded guilty and began to apologize, persuading the guy to stay, but there was only one way - to catch up with the young man at the door and climb into his pants, give a blowjob and be fucked in a huge bed. It just won’t help, the guy just took advantage of the naivety of a young girl and that’s all.
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odorous groundhog
odorous groundhog
I would not forgive for treason, although hell knows, maybe I didn’t love anyone much. Well, the girl did well, apologized so apologized. it’s a pity that the dude still didn’t tear off the woman in the anus, so everything was quite interesting and exciting.